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= positive

Service is always available.

This badge describes how stable the service is. For instance if there is a big or small risk that the service may suffer from outages or loss of data. Immediately after launching a service, it might be considered less stable than after it has matured through long-time tests and usage.

Secure Connection
= undefined

Data can only be seen by you and the service.

The traffic between you and the service is encrypted. For instance, the browser will display a padlock in the address bar when the connection is encrypted. This means that it’s only you and the service that can see transferred data.

Encrypted Storage
= undefined

The service stores data in an ecrypted way, for instance on an encrypted storage media. This ensures that the data is protected in case of a physical breach of security, since it’s only the system administrator who has the encryption key that can decrypt storage media.

Zero Knowledge
= partial

You have the only key.

In this case,’s system administrator cannot access data. There is no “main key”. This provides more security, but it also means that data will be lost if you lose the key.

= undefined

The service’s data is backed up frequently in order to minimize damages from technical outages or cyber attacks. Backups are stored in another physical location than the server.

= negative

Technical logging is primarily about meta data, which can be understood as data about data. Who does what and when? On one side, it’s relevant for system administrators to see why a server is overloaded, but as with all data this can be abused. For instance, it can be used to prove that what a user was doing at a specific time.

Note that “positive” status for logging means that the service is performing an expected amount of minimal logging of meta data. We strive to document this data for every service. A “negative” status means that unnecessary amounts of logging take place.

Anonymous Access
= undefined

Services with anonymous access can be used without registration and authentication. This means that the service can be used anonymously without sharing personal information. Some services may have limited access for unregistered users. This may be relevant for instance for a service where a registered user can upload a file and an unregistered user can download the file.


Service satisfies the requirements of the badge.


Service partially satisfies the requirements of the badge. But to an extend that we find worth noting.


Service does not live up to badge requirements.


The requirements of the badge are currently undefined. This is likely due to a lack of analysis and full understanding.